About Us

IMG_7190PEYA is a regional network of over 1400 action-oriented students in Peel concerned about environmental issues and determined to make positive change! PEYA is a youth-initiated organization, guided by a student Executive Committee and supported by Ecosource.

Based on our strong student expertise, and adult support at Ecosource, PEYA assists other students and teachers looking to create sustained environmental change in their schools, and helps students build their capacity to affect positive environmental change in their schools and community.

PEYA unites students across Peel working to improve the environment in their schools and neighbourhoods through monthly networking meetings, and an online community. We provide a forum for students to learn from one another and form relationships with local environmental organizations.

In the community, PEYA is a catalyst for youth participation in environmental policy-making and is committed to exploring best practices for youth-adult partnerships. PEYA is part of City of Mississauga’s Environmental Action Committee,  Credit River Alliance, PSARTS (Peel Safe and Active Routes To School )’s High School Cycling Sub-Committee and Brampton Go Green Network.

PEYA organizes fun and effective educational events, engaging students across the Region, including leadership and skill-building workshops as well as our popular annual EcoBuzz Conference and Region-wide Stewardship Day.


Our commitment to sustainability:

-All PEYA printed content is done using Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC) paper

-All registration for programs and events is done electronically

-Our executive meetings are paperless as the PEYA executive team are encouraged to use their laptops, tablets or other mobile devices

-All food served at our events is either vegetarian or vegan and we attempt to use local ingredients whenever possible

-All of events have three streams of waste disposal (organic, recycling and garbage)

-All PEYA t-shirts provided to students and teachers are 100% certified organic cotton

-Favor vendors who have their own organizational sustainability goals