Executive Council

2019-2020 PEYA Executive Team!



Eesha Rehman – St. Joseph Secondary School

Eesha is a grade 12 student at St. Joseph Secondary School. Though this is her first year as a PEYA exec, she is incredibly excited to work with the other execs to create a wonderful year full of outreach, environmental awareness, and fun events! Eesha is incredibly passionate about social issues, human rights, and the environment! She strongly believes that for a stronger, happier and healthier future, the environment is humanity’s gateway. In her free time, Eesha enjoys figure skating, reading, writing short stories and poetry and performing and competing in spoken word poetry slams. When she’s not busy trying to save the world, Eesha enjoys spending time with her parrotlet Kiwi.


Grace Gong – Erindale Secondary School

Grace is a grade 12 student at Erindale Secondary School. In her free time she likes to play badminton, volleyball and basketball. She is also an eco lead at her school. She is excited to join PEYA as a first year, she is looking forward to new events and increasing engagement. She is also an avid reader, and is a part of the Youth Advisory Council, and enjoys debate too, because there are always 2 sides to any argument!



Hannah Wang – John Fraser Secondary School

Hannah is a grade 12 student at John Fraser Secondary School. This is her first year as a PEYA executive and she is very excited to work alongside the executive team to bring more environment outreach events at PEYA. Hannah is a very active and creative person who enjoys figure skating, playing the violin, and reading in her spare time. Hannah also loves photography, graphic design and creating digital illustrations! She is super passionate about spreading environmental awareness to others in her community and working with an inspiring group of hardworking young adults!


Jasmeet Purewal – Castlebrooke Secondary School

Jasmeet is currently a  grade 12 student attending Castlebrooke Secondary School. This is her first year as a part of PEYA and she is ecstatic to finally express her passion for the environment, become a role model to others striving to make a difference, and be the change she wishes to see amongst our community.  Jasmeet is an active member of her schools Environmental Council, therefore she is prepared to suggest the ideas and share the knowledge and experiences she has gathered through the past 3 years.  Jasmeet’s favourite leisurely activities include hiking, going on walks, and simply digesting the beauty of nature surrounding us. Jasmeet is passionate about spreading awareness, and taking action to promote caring for the environment, and making a global footprint.


Kerry Zheng – Glenforest Secondary School

Kerry is currently a grade 12 student attending the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. This is her fourth year as a PEYA executive and she cannot wait to work alongside the team to help increase PEYA’s outreach and spread environmental awareness on an even larger scale. Kerry is a very active person who likes to spend her time outdoors hiking or playing sports such as softball and volleyball. Kerry also loves public speaking, debating and working with people! She is extremely excited for another year of initiating positive environmental change alongside an amazing group of like minded and dedicated individuals!


Maryam Khan – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Maryam is an ambitious grade 12 student currently attending Stephen Lewis Secondary School and has been with PEYA for over a year. As a PEYA Executive for the 2019-2020 year, she is ecstatic to put together a myriad of events guaranteed to raise awareness and bring together individuals passionate about the environment! When Maryam is not entranced in the world of environmental awareness, she loves to spend her time volunteering, public speaking, and reading. She is excited to work with equally impassioned individuals to be part of those who evoke and encourage necessary change.


Nandini Menon – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Nandini is an 11th grade student at Stephen Lewis Secondary School. This is her first year as a PEYA exec, and she cannot wait to extend the reach of PEYA and get more youth involved in environmental activism in their communities. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening. She is excited to get this opportunity to help make this year the best year of PEYA yet!



Nihar Upadhyaya – Bramalea Secondary School

Nihar is currently a grade 10 French Immersion student at Bramalea Secondary School. This is his first year being a PEYA executive and he is looking forward to making a difference in the community. Nihar is a fun, active person who enjoys biking, skating, and playing soccer. Nihar also enjoys reading and aviation.




Shailly Prajapati – Central Peel Secondary School

Shailly is currently a grade 11 student attending the IB program at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School. She has been a part of PEYA for a year now, while being a PEYA School Champion in her first year, and now an executive. She enjoys spending her time outdoors, reading, painting, dancing and volunteering around her community. She is also an executive on her school’s eco-team and has had the opportunity to delegate to Brampton’s City Council twice, both times suggesting ways to improve our ecological footprints. She is very passionate about conserving the environment and is excited to see what PEYA can do this year!


Shazerah Qureshi – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Shazerah is a grade 12 student at Stephen Lewis SS, she has been in PEYA for six years now and is excited to be on the team another year. She is passionate about social and environmental justice. Outside of PEYA she is involved in her school and the greater community. She loves to read, write and wants to pursue a career in politics.




Tanishq Voruganti – St. Marcellinus Secondary School

Tanishq is currently a grade 11 attending St Marcellinus secondary school. This is the first year he has been with PEYA and looks to bring many new and exciting ideas to future events. Tanishq is an active individual who enjoys playing badminton and Table Tennis during his spare time. He is immensely intrigued with the sciences and aspires to go into medicine. He is extremely passionate on working with the environment and thoroughly dedicates himself to helping the community. Tanishq is very excited to be a member of PEYA and cannot wait to share his ideas.