Executive Council

2018-2019 PEYA Executive Team !

Bari – Port Credit Secondary School

Bari is a grade 12 student at Port Credit Secondary School who has a passion for the environment and sustainability. This is her first year as a PEYA executive though she also volunteers with a number of other environmental organizations. She enjoys being surrounded by nature and spending time outside. Bari is a dedicated student and helps facilitate an environmental club at her school and advocate environmental issues in her community. In the future, Bari looks forward to pursuing Environmental Science in a post secondary program.

Wen – John Fraser Secondary School

Wen Zhang is currently a grade 12 student in Advanced Placement Program. Apart from having strong academic achievements, she is also widely involved in many in-school and community extracurricular activities. She is an advocate for the environment, promoting sustainabilit executive of the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance. Wen is active in many sports, such as triathlon, swimming, and skiing. Wen values the idea of exploration and a goal-oriented mindset, believing that anyone can strive to break barriers to achieve individuality.

Chealsie – Port Credit Secondary School

Chealsie is a grade 12 student at Port Credit Secondary School who is passionate about protecting the environment. She has been involved with PEYA for 3 years, one as a Champion, and two as an exec. She also started and runs a school green team. Chealsie’s primary goal as an environmentalist is to raise awareness about how lifestyle choices can make a positive impact, and is eager to pursue this goal through PEYA.


Shazerah – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Shazerah is awesome – her bio is coming soon!





Ryan – John Fraser Secondary School

Ryan is a grade 12 student currently attending John Fraser Secondary School. He has always been environmentally conscious and has previously been involved in numerous environmental protection programs such as CYC. This will be Ryan’s first year as a PEYA exec and his goal for this year is to help spread awareness for environmental protection as well as to make a lasting impact on his fellow PEYA members.


Leena – Applewood Heights Secondary School

Leena is awesome – her bio is coming soon!





Jessica – John Fraser Secondary School

Jessica, a grade 11 student at John Fraser Secondary School, holds that protecting the environment is one of humanity’s duty as a resident of this Earth. So, despite heading into the health science field, she happily founded the John Fraser Environmental Club in 2016. Upon joining PEYA in 2018, she is more dedicated than ever to make as much of a difference as she can in this community with her new like-minded, passionate teammates and friends.


Kerry – Glenforest Secondary School

Kerry Zheng is currently a grade 11 student attending the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. This is her third year as a PEYA executive and she cannot wait to work alongside the team to help increase PEYA’s outreach and spread environmental awareness on an even larger scale. Kerry is a very active person who likes to spend her time outdoors hiking or playing sports such as softball. Kerry also loves public speaking and working with people! She is very excited for another year of initiating positive environmental change alongside an amazing group of like minded and dedicated individuals!

Jasmeet – Castlebrooke Secondary School

Jasmeet Purewal is currently a  grade 11 student attending Castlebrooke Secondary School. This is her first year apart of PEYA and she is ecstatic to finally express her passion for the environment, become a role model to others striving to make a difference, and be the change she wishes to see amongst our community.  Jasmeet is an active member of her schools Environmental Council, therefore she is prepared to suggest the ideas and share the knowledge and experiences she has gathered through through the past 3 years.  Jasmeets favourite leisurely activities include hiking, going on walks, and simply digesting the beauty of nature surrounding us. Jasmeet is passionate about spreading awareness, and taking action to promote caring for the environment, and making a global footprint.


Emily – Lorne Park Secondary School

Emily is a grade 12 student studying French at Lorne Park Secondary School. She loved the nature since a very young age and spends a good amount of her free time outdoors. In addition to her role as a PEYA executive, she also enjoys the arts, swimming, and skating. This is her fourth year in PEYA, and she cannot wait to spend her last year working with the exec team to make even more positive impact on youths of the Peel region.


Alishba Imran – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Alishba is awesome – her photo and bio are coming soon!