PEYA School Champions

2016-2017 PEYA School Champions

Mahek Shergill
Glenforest Secondary School- Gr.11

MahekMahek Shergill is a Grade 11 student at Glenforest Secondary School in the International Baccalaureate program. She has been passionate about combatting environmental issues from a young age and is inspired to make a change in her local community. It has her first time working with the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance and she is eager to extend her outreach into creating a greener and more sustainable community. In her free time she loves travelling and reading. Mahek hopes to combine her passion for the environment and strong work ethic into raising awareness and making positive and tangible change in the environment.

Tiffany Cao
Turner Fenton Secondary School- Gr.11

Tiffany Champion PictureTiffany is a grade 11 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School. She has always loved the earth and enjoys admiring flowers and clouds. She tends to use the inspiration of nature to explore arts such as painting and music. She loves learning about innovative ways to make proactive changes for better environmental protection. This is currently her first year at PEYA and she hopes to be able to learn and help create changes a greener peel!



Vivian Wu
Woodlands Secondary School – Gr.12

Vivian WuVivian Wu is a Grade 12 student studying at The Woodlands Secondary School as a part of the Regional Enhanced Learning Program. She is involved in a variety of extracurriculars at school such as SHSM Health and Wellness, EC, Science Club, French Club, MEDLIFE and Writer’s Club. She is also an executive of the International Bazaar Committee, as well as part of the executive team of STEM Fellowship. Vivian’s true passion lies in the environment, especially ecology as she strives to live a greener life and make a positive impact on the environment. Vivian enjoys helping the community overall through improving the environment as well as improving the wellbeing of those around her by volunteering. Vivian volunteered with Mississauga Library Systems and has done work with the Credit Valley Hospital and the Credit Valley Conservation Area. She also participated in different programs such as the Adventures in Science Program where she helped to teach science to various grade six classes and Campus Vibez. Outside of school, Vivian enjoys personal fitness such as running and weight training as well as basketball and soccer. She loves the outdoors and enjoys biking through local parks and hiking as well. Vivian hopes to make her community a greener place for future generations to come.

Kruti Bhakta
Turner Fenton Secondary School- Gr.12

KrutiKruti Bhakta is going to be a grade 12 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School in the International Baccalaureate program in the 2016 – 2017 school year. She looks forward to meeting new people and encountering new opportunities through the PEYA School Champions Program. She is also very excited to interact with other like-minded students who are concerned about the fresh waters of Canada, the exotic Amazon forest and the global ecosystem as a whole. Through the PEYA School Champions Program, Kruti would like to share her passion with the other members of PEYA and the students of her high school. Along with PEYA, she will also be the Finance Head of her school’s Earth Core Council, where she hopes to fund and run empowering events for the student body of her school. Kruti’s other interests include learning Bharatanatyam, reading YA dystopian novels, swimming and spending time in nature. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in her favourite field of science, Genetics and Evolution.

Hayley Newman-Petryshen
Streetsville Secondary School- Gr.12

HayleyHayley is a grade 12 student at Streetsville Secondary School, with a passion for limiting the negative imprint humans make on this planet. Her ultimate goal is to be good to the people around her and the world she lives in. Hayley is beyond thankful to have fallen upon PEYA, as she knows the alliance can help the Earth and its people through the transition to greener ways of life, which is of utmost importance to her, now and forever. Aside from having a passion for aiding  in the crises facing our environment, Hayley enjoys her science classes at school and running the Rotary-Interact Club. Hayley hopes to develop a close and effective relationship between PEYA and her school, because she knows that the more people who understand the issue facing our planet, the greater chance we have of promising future generations a chance at life on this beautiful little thing called Earth.

Amna Zia
Glenforest Secondary School – Gr.11

AmnaAmna Zia is a grade 11 student who currently attends Glenforest Secondary School as part of the IB program. As a person interested in environmentalism and zoology, Amna wants to explain the interconnectedness of the natural world and our everyday lives. In the past, Amna has passionately debated the theory that global warming is a hoax or that climate change is anthropogenic, which is where her interest for environmental issues stemmed from. She strongly believes that if we commit ourselves to the environment, we can bring considerable amount of change, yet our only hindrance is our mental incapacity. Currently Amna is working towards introducing a proper waste management initiative in her community where the Peel Regions recycling and garbage bins are not adequately put to use. Aside for her environment activism to combat negligence towards the environment, Amna is also very passionate about the performance arts, especially the dramatic arts, public speaking, psychology, anthropology. She is also very much intrigued by aesthetics and is an aspiring henna artist who also enjoys designing and decorating interiors.

Shreeya Datey
Rick Hansen  Secondary School – Gr.12

ShreeyaShreeya Datey is a grade 12 student, who currently attends Rick Hansen Secondary School. Outside of school, Shreeya dances, sings, and takes part in sports such as volleyball and soccer. She also enjoys going to MSYC, MYAC, and PSPC meetings, events and conferences. Her love for nature is tremendous. She is a firm supporter of cruelty free, environmentally friendly products and frequently encourages others to make the switch. She is very passionate about world issues and works towards helping others on a daily basis. She is very eager to start learning as well as educating others on the environment and also inspiring others to join the champions team next year!

Mashiat Altaf
Port Credit Secondary School – Gr.11

MashiatMashiat is a grade 11 student at Port Credit who is currently enrolled in the science and technology program. Over the years, Mashiat has noticed something; our planet is being destroyed, as most people don’t pay enough attention to the environment. She decided that in order to get people to notice this issue, she needed to do as much as she could to raise awareness. So, Mashiat started up Port Credits Eco Team and is currently the president. She also thought that joining PEYA would be a great way to gain more knowledge about the environment. Besides this passion, Mashiat dreams of becoming a future writer and is interested in computer code. She hopes that someday her actions make a difference on this planet – no matter how big or small.

Bill Chen
John Fraser Secondary School – Gr.12

Bill Champion PictureBill Chen is a grade 12 student who currently goes to John Fraser Secondary School. Ever since middle school, he has been passionate about helping the environment and the people around him. He has partaken in many adventures and activities to help the environment including events such as planting trees in Mongolia, volunteering at migrant schools and digging wells in Tanzania. Bill enjoys activities such as playing drums, guitar, sketching and traveling. Like most of the other boys, he also enjoys activities such as playing video games and playing sports. He is currently on the executive teams of multiple clubs at his school. This year is his first year with PEYA, and he is extremely excited about this opportunity. He hopes that many exciting and memorable experiences will be created in the near-future while helping the environment and the community around him.

Chealsie Bains 
Port Credit Secondary School- Gr.10

ChealsieChealsie Bains is a grade 10 student who currently attends Port Credit Secondary School for the Sci-Tech and the Strings program. It is her first year working as a PEYA executive, and she looks forward to working to help and protect the environment. Chealsie is a very “outdoors person” who enjoys exploring and learning about nature. Other than environmental work, Chealsie enjoys playing music and swimming. She plays various different instruments, mainly the cello and saxophone. She is also a competitive swimmer and has a very busy swim schedule. Chealsie is very excited to work with PEYA to create a better and more sustainable environment!


Fatima Sajid
Clarkson Secondary School – Gr.9

Fatima PEYAFatima is a grade 9 student who currently attends Clarkson Secondary School. She is motivated to benefit her community, the condition of the environment and society as a whole. Her ultimate goal is to understand environmental issues and address them to aid our planet and preserve it for future generations to come. In the past, Fatima has held the executive position of Treasurer on her school Eco Club and Vice President of her school Athletic Council. In her spare time, Fatima enjoys reading as well as running Track and Field and Cross Country. Fatima is passionate that she can create a positive change and hopes to develop awareness for environmental issues and gain more knowledge about the environment. In the future, Fatima hopes that through awareness she can spark the motivation in others to come together and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Seymour D’Souza
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Secondary School – Gr.12

seymour-championHello! I’m Seymour D’Souza and I’m a grade 12 student at Our Lady of Mount Carmel SS. In school I am interested in engineering- mainly creating a greener future through creating different types of technology. PEYA has created an outlet for me to express myself through contributing green ideas that can be advanced on in the group. In addition to PEYA, I am also part of the Eco Team at my high school, creating opportunities for students to learn more about a greener, healthier lifestyle. PEYA has really opened my eyes to a real, important matter!


Aalia Khan
Rick Hansen  Secondary School – Gr.11


Aalia is a Grade 11 student at Rick Hanson Secondary. As an executive of her school’s environment team and a member of CYC Frontline, she hopes to bridge the gap between environmental initiatives at her school and around the community. This is her first year with PEYA and she hopes to work closely with them to share ideas and environmental leadership and volunteer opportunities. She can be found outside, taking walks in the local conservation area or volunteering in her spare time.


Prisha Shetty
T.L Kennedy – Gr.11


Prisha is a grade 11 student, studying in TL Kennedy Secondary School. PEYA has been her first ever volunteering experience. Biology and Math courses are her main fields of interests and Elle parle un peu de français.  “We are a part of nature, not apart from nature,” she strongly believes in this notion. She loves to contribute to the betterment of our environment which ultimately serves to humanity. Furthermore, she likes to read mysteries and horror. She also pursues a dire interest in badminton. She enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them better. She looks forward to gain hands on experience and productively use of her knowledge and desire, as PEYA is a platform providing with such a great opportunity.  This program has made her more concerned about the ever increasing environmental adversities. Prisha wants to overcome this as she believes that nature and nurture are inseparable.
Haley Peiris
Central Peel Secondary School – Gr.11
haleyHaley is a grade 11 student at Central Peel Secondary School in the Advanced Placement program. He is involved in a variety of extra curricular which includes Business SHSM, robotics, Interact, Link Crew and multicultural club. He also takes part in soccer and badminton outside of school. He has been passionate about helping out others in his local community and making a difference by creating awareness and taking part in events. Some events he has been in to help his community is a road clean up and tree planting with Evergreen.  This is his first year with PEYA and he hopes to help out the community and the environment.