PEYA School Champions

2017-2018 PEYA School Champions

Fatima Sajid
Clarkson Secondary School – Gr.10

Fatima is a grade 10 student who currently attends Clarkson Secondary School. She is motivated to benefit her community, the condition of the environment and society as a whole. Her ultimate goal is to understand environmental issues and address them to aid our planet and preserve it for future generations to come. In the past, Fatima has held the executive position of Treasurer on her school Eco Club and Vice President of her school Athletic Council. In her spare time, Fatima enjoys reading as well as running Track and Field and Cross Country. Fatima is passionate that she can create a positive change and hopes to develop awareness for environmental issues and gain more knowledge about the environment. In the future, Fatima hopes that through awareness she can spark the motivation in others to come together and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Haley Peiris
Central Peel Secondary School – Gr.12
haleyHaley is a grade 12 student at Central Peel Secondary School in the Advanced Placement program. He is involved in a variety of extra curricular which includes Business SHSM, robotics, Interact, Link Crew and multicultural club. He also takes part in soccer and badminton outside of school. He has been passionate about helping out others in his local community and making a difference by creating awareness and taking part in events. Some events he has been in to help his community is a road clean up and tree planting with Evergreen.  This is his first year with PEYA and he hopes to help out the community and the environment.
 Ayman Mobin
Central Peel Secondary School – Gr.12

 Ayman is a grade 12 student in the Advanced Placement program at Central Peel Secondary School. She is the Vice-President of their Student Activity Council and the President of her schools DECA Chapter. Ayman has a passion for advocating for issues that concern her. She truly enjoys biological studies and attempts to learn more about them whenever she can. The currently deteriorating condition of the world has become a major concern for Ayman. She wishes that her advocacy skills and the new knowledge she gains from PEYA will play a role in helping to improve the environment. Though this is her first year being a member of PEYA, she has attended previous events and hopes to be an asset on the team!

Ishani Vyas
Central Peel Secondary School – Gr.12

Ishani is a Grade 12 student, currently studying at Central Peel Secondary School in the Advanced Placement program. She is motivated to bring change into her community, specifically targeting the environment. Ishani enjoys meeting and connecting with new people and believes that our differences have strength. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, going on long walks and reading. Additionally, Ishani has a passion for learning about issues that exist within her community. One day, she wants to tackle a profound issue and start her own initiative. Her goals for the future consist on becoming a doctor and an advocate for problems that people in her community are burdened by. She wants to travel, explore new places and meet new faces from all over the world. In past year, Ishani has served as a Community Manager for Urban Minds, a Social Convener for the HOSA chapter at her school and as a delegate for the 2017 Youth Assembly. Additionally, she has been a part of DECA and Model UN at her school. Ishani is thrilled to be a part of PEYA this year and is motivated to raise awareness about the environment. She wants to make her last year of high school a memorable one and encourages youth to be actively involved in their communities.

Jasleen Multani
Turner Fenton Secondary School – Gr.12

Jasleen Multani is a grade 12 student who currently attends Turner Fenton Secondary School as a part of the IB program. She is motivated to improve the condition of the environment, loves biology and passionate about environmental conservation. In order to bring more awareness about environmental conservation she joined the Earth Core Council at her school and is currently the Event Coordinator. Apart from this, she is also involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities which include volunteering at Canadian Blood Services, Brampton Animal Shelter, and South Fletcher’s Sportsplex as an aquatic instructor. This is her first year in PEYA, and she is looking forward to creating unforgettable memories and making the earth a better place.

Rvaha Afaan
Turner Fenton Secondary School – Gr.11

Rvaha Afaan is a grade 11 student studying in the IB program at Turner Fenton Secondary School. He is mainly interested in Biology and the other Sciences. Rvaha has always believed that the way the world treats the environment is wrong and that every individual has the responsibility to try and improve the environment and the way they interact with it. One of the many things he has done to make a difference is Volunteered with the TRCA, planting trees, tending to the environment and having lots of fun in the process. Along with his passion for the environment, Rvaha is also part of his school’s robotics club and ping pong club and is actively creating two new clubs in his school. This is in addition to the numerous amount of volunteering he does with different social organizations. Rvaha hopes to spread the message to as many people as possible through PEYA and to change people’s perspectives and actions in regards to the environment. This is his first year in PEYA and he is excited to make any and every positive change to the environment that he can.

Serena Li
Cawthra Park Secondary School – Gr.12

Serena Li is a grade 12 student enrolled in Cawthra Park S.S. Outside of school, she loves to swim and longboard. One of the reasons she cares so much for the environment is that she loves to hike and looking at the beautiful nature that surrounds her. She wants her kids or her kids’ kids to be able to grow up in a just as healthy environment (literally). Serena brings her activism for the environment and social issues that concern her on to her social media. She is gravely concerned for what the future holds for all life on Earth if humans don’t start changing their environmentally damaging lifestyles. She wants to get the word out that although climate change may seem inevitable at the rate in which humans pollute the earth, as individuals you can change your habits to be more environmental friendly and you can start raising awareness to your friends. Not eating meat, recycle your plastic, biking or bussing instead of driving, etc. are only some ways that can get you started into becoming a better you for our environment. One person making a difference is better than no people making a difference; and the good news is, there is more than one person trying to make a difference for our world.

Deon Singh
Chinguacousy Secondary School – Gr.10

Deon Singh is a Grade 10 student at Chinguacousy S.S, who is currently enrolled in the Sci-Tech regional program. Prior to this, he was in a French Immersion program at Sir William Gage Public School. It was during his junior years when he was exposed to environmental activists, and developed a sense of preservation and sustainability. Further pursuing his passion in environmental work, he then joined his middle school’s Eco-Friendly team, the “Green Gators” named after the then school’s mascot. It was during his school’s trip to the Amazing Green Race where he came to know about Ecosource and PEYA. To this day, he still preaches sustainability and continue to volunteer with Ecosource and Credit Valley Conservation.

Cindy Qiu
Stephen Lewis Secondary School – Gr. 11

Cindy Qiu is a Grade 11 student who recently transferred to Stephen Lewis Secondary School from Cawthra Park S.S. In addition to her position at PEYA, Cindy volunteers as a birthday card designer, for TAG (teen advisory group), and the Canadian Cancer Society. In school, she is an executive member of the Best Buddies club and is part of the Arts and Athletic Council. When she has free time, she enjoys reading, making art and creative writing. Cindy enjoys meeting new people and is passionate about making a change in the environment and learning about various issues in the community. She is determined to make the time she has on earth worth-while and make a positive environmental change—however little it may be.

Alyssa Egbert
Port Credit Secondary School – Gr.11

This is her first year in PEYA and she will do everything she can to make a difference by planning and taking part of events, spreading awareness and promoting green living. Alyssa Egbert is a grade 11 student who is currently studying at Port Credit Secondary School in the Sci-Tech Program.  She is a member of many extra-circular activities like leadership, interact, football, rugby and hockey. This is her first year being a part of PEYA and she hopes that she can help raise awareness for the environment. She also loves the natural environment and enjoys hiking in the forest. She hopes the future generations will be able to enjoy nature as she has. She is passionate about keeping the earth clean and green!

Ruby Burns
Port Credit Secondary School – Gr. 10

Ruby Burns is a Grade 10 student at Port Credit Secondary School, as a part of their SciTech and Strings regional programs. She loves studying biology and working with nature, and is concerned about the current state the environment is in. Outside of school, she participates in competitive dancing and playing musical instruments, such as the violin and piano. This is her first year in PEYA, and she is looking forward to making unforgettable memories and friends, as well as making the world a greener place!