Executive Council


2017-2018 PEYA Executive Council

Lena Nguyen
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Secondary School – Gr.12

LenaLena Nguyen is currently a Grade 11 student at St. Francis Xavier, enrolled in the IB program. This is her first year as a PEYA executive. Lena’s passion for the environment began at a very young age in which she realized the detrimental state that humans have left the environment in. Ever since, she has set out to change the mindset of the community around her in a more environmentally conscious direction. Lena enjoys being outside, active and exploring. In school, she is an executive member for the Social Justice club, a member of DECA, and a player on the rugby team. Lena aspires to become an environmental engineer one day, in order to continue her influence in preserving the environment.

Janko Strizak
Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School – Gr.12

JankoJanko Strizak is a grade 11 student attending Philip Pocock Catholic Secondary School for the French Extended program. This is his first year as an executive member, and he is excited for all the great things he will do and all the amazing people he will meet! Ever since he was little he loved nature and the outdoors, so it is no surprise that when he heard about the deteriorating state of the world’s ecosystems he knew he had to take action. PEYA provided him with a place where he could develop himself as an eco-activist, and work alongside like minded peers towards a common goal. At his school Janko is a big part of his Eco and Social Justice club, the co-creator of his school’s Math and Computer Science club. He enjoys to play tennis, and swims on his free time. He is enthusiastic and driven, and can’t wait to leave an everlasting impact on the world through PEYA!!:)

 Pujita Verma
Glenforest Secondary School – Gr.12

PujitaPujita Verma is a first time PEYA executive and grade 11 student at Glenforest Secondary School, currently in the IB program. Her interest in the environment was fostered as the result of “nature walks,” and times she would lose herself (quite literally) in forests. Over the past two years, Pujita has been volunteering with Evergreen, PEYA, and her school’s local Community Garden.  She also holds an executive position on her school Green Team.
In her free time, Pujita also likes to write, attend Poetry Slams, play competitive squash, and volunteer at local community events. She is also an avid DECA Competitor, a member of her school’s Student Writer’s Guild, Announcement Team, Varsity Softball Team, and the co-creater of a local POP-Tab Initiative!
Pujita hopes to build upon the power of youth contribution in Peel, and believes strongly in individual initiative and taking action. She is specifically keen on raising awareness about Ontario’s Invasive Species, and teaching how to identify and report them. Pujita is thrilled to be working with the PEYA team and looks forward to a great year!

Emily Chen
Lorne Park Secondary School – Gr.11

Emily ChenEmily is currently a grade 10 student at Lorne Park Secondary School and serves as a new PEYA executive member this year. She loves her home on earth and strive to make it a cleaner and better place for herself and everyone else.  She loved animals since she was little and considered them as “friends”. Everyday, Emily would turn off taps left open, shut lights that’s not being used, reuse and recycle material and she is also vegetarian because she is against animal cruelty and it saves a lot of money and resources. She walks and bikes to and from school, as well as anywhere she could, to reduce her carbon footprints.  Emily hopes to meet new people and make new friends at PEYA, and work together with them to make our environment, our home on earth, last longer and the livings happier.

Kerry Zheng 
Glenforest Secondary School – Gr.10

KerryKerry is a grade 9 student currently attending the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. This is her first year on PEYA’s Executive team and she is an enthusiast for creating a greener community, and tackling environmental issues through her PEYA involvement. She involves herself regularly in her community by taking on leadership roles and participating in various clubs and events. Last year, she was Project Leader of the FLL robotics team, where they created innovative solutions to problems on how waste was being handled. She enjoys being involved in all areas of academics, arts and athletics. She was a member of her school’s Athletic Council and a Page at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario where she completed tasks for the MPPs. She also enjoys playing various sports such as softball for the Mississauga Majors, and volleyball for Pakmen. Kerry appreciates the world around her and is excited to work with PEYA to create a positive change.

Masa Lazarevic
Lorne Park Secondary School – Gr.12

MasaMasa Lazarevic is a grade 11 student that is attending Lorne Park Secondary School and is currently enrolled in the French Extended Program. During her spare time, she enjoys reading, skiing, photography, and exploring the outdoors.  Her other volunteer places include PLASP, the Mississauga Trillium Hospital, and the Rogers Cup. Masa had always had a passion for the environment and joining PEYA has allowed her to further expand her knowledge concerning the nature and wildlife. She hopes to keep learning more about the environment and help inform others about the environmental issues of today as well. Masa looks forward to working with the rest of her team members to have another amazing year at PEYA.

Manroop Virk
Central Peel Secondary School – Gr.12

ManroopManroop Virk is currently a grade 11 student at Central Peel Secondary for the Advanced Placement regional program. This is his first year as an executive member on the Alliance. Eager to better the environment at the communities within it, Manroop has devoted himself to the higher cause. It is evident to him that the world lacks sustainability and is on the wrong path for the future. He strives to raise environmental awareness to all the members of his community. Alongside being an executive member at PEYA, Manroop also takes part in many other extra-curriculars such as robotics, drama, his school’s LINK Crew, and DECA. When he isn’t outside appreciating the environment, Manroop enjoys playing guitar, reading, swimming and of course, listening to music. With PEYA, Manroop hopes to better the environment and introduce new ways where ordinary people can make a positive change.