Event Testimonials

Here are some thoughts from our participants, partners and planners at the Amazing Green Race!

An educational yet entertaining experience with a healthy amount of competition.  Definitely memorable.

PEYA made and put a lot of effort into their Amazing Green Race, a fun and educational event this year – something that got me up and going and wanting to come back next year.

As a fun and educational competition, the PEYA Amazing Green Race is an awesome way to teach students how to make change in their school, community, and world.

This is a new level of experience I would really love to engage in again!

The Amazing Green Race was a really unique and fun experience.

I’m thankful for being able to experience this extraordinary opportunity.

The Amazing Green Race was an AMAZING experience!!!

A nice way to see your city in a different, better way. Learning more about the sustainable transportation efforts of Mississauga while participating in engaging workshops really encourages you to get up and enjoy the outdoors!

Can’t wait for next year!