EcoBuzz Conference


EcoBuzz Conference

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019 at the University of Toronto Mississauga

What is EcoBuzz?

The EcoBuzz Conference provides a fun venue for grade 6-12 students from the Peel Region to explore environmental issues concerning youth and to inspire student action projects with peer support.  Teachers are also invited to attend the conference.  The full day event focuses on educating and engaging youth to take initiative beyond the school with PEYA’s main theme of “Sustainability in our Communities”. PEYA offers support and resources to all students committed to take action within their schools and beyond. Every year, Ecobuzz engages over 400 youth, educators and local leaders!

EcoBuzz Conference Features

  • A special opening address by a keynote speaker
  • Workshops led by experts in the environmental community
  • Display booths by local environmental groups, government agencies, and universities
  • Free Lunch and snacks

Workshops and Exhibits

Workshops at EcoBuzz are highly interactive and provide skill-building for running successful campaigns at school and in the community and for delivering educational/inspirational information related to themes of sustainability initiatives. Every year, we also feature a wide variety of interactive and dynamic exhibits hosted by local environmental organizations.


Workshop Presenters: Organizations and Professionals wishing to present at EcoBuzz can register here.

Exhibitors: Organizations and Professionals wishing to book a table in our exhibitors lounge can register here.

Teachers: Teachers can register up to 15 participants here. Please keep in mind that once we reach 400 participants, the registration will be closed. Registration is on a first come first served school basis.  We have capped the number of participants per school at 15 to begin with (including students and teachers). This number may increase as we get closer to the last day of registration, and interested schools will be notified.