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PEYA is a regional network of over 1,200 action oriented students in Peel concerned about environmental issues and determined to make positive change! PEYA is a youth-initiated organization, guided by a student Executive Committee and supported by Ecosource. PEYA unites students across Peel working to improve the environment in their schools and neighborhoods through monthly general meetings and an online community. We provide a forum for students to learn from one another and form relationships with local environmental organizations. For more information on how to get involved, visit our website at www.peyaliance.ca or email us at info@peyalliance.ca.

PEYA is a project of Ecosource.




Ecosource is an Ontario-based environmental education non-profit serving youth, adults, and families. Our work began in Mississauga and has expanded throughout the Region of Peel and beyond. We are all about changing the world, right in our own backyard! We are leaders in grassroots environmental education in the Region of Peel. Our staff works in schools and throughout the community, delivering interactive learning experiences that inspire youth and adults to take actions that make a huge difference to the health of the planet. We are proud to work with over 30,000 students and teachers in our waste education programs, over 1,200 students with the Peel Environmental Youth Alliance as well as over 3,000 youth and adults in our community-based organic gardening and stewardship programs each year!













The Riverwood Conservancy (TRC) is a charity that provides programs and services to the community in environmental education, natural areas, stewardship, gardening and volunteerism. One of our educational programs, which are geared towards Grade s 9-12 is the Leadership in Environmental Achievements through Diversity and Skills (L.E.A.D.S.) program. This program connect students to nature through hands-on-specific inquiry. They support the goals and expectations of grade-specific science, geography, environmental science and biology courses. Students are prepared for careers in science and geography.

We are located at 4300 Riverwood Park Lane in Mississauga.

Interested in volunteering? Complete an Application Form at:
Our Volunteer Coordinator Karen Tull will contact you.





The Association for Canadian Educational Resources (ACER) is a not-for-profit working to build an army of citizen scientists who can monitor, measure, mitigate and adapt to the local impacts of climate change in their own communities. Our Planting for Change (P4C) is a school yard planting program where schools plant a suite of indicator species that are tagged, mapped and measured. The trees are measured every year to determine the impact of climate change on those species. Learn more about the program on our website, www.acer-acre.ca








EcoSpark is an environmental charity that empowers communities to take an active role in protecting and sustaining their local environment. We work with schools and communities throughout the Greater Toronto Area to give people the tools for education, monitoring and influencing positive environmental change! Get involved by encouraging your teacher to sign your class up for a Changing Currents stream study. Learn more about what you can do for your local environment by visiting www.ecospark.ca.

Interested in volunteering? Check out our volunteer opportunities at www.ecospark.ca/volunteer or contact us at volunteer@ecospark.ca.





The first of its kind in Canada, the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University, Toronto explores the relationship between the natural, built, social, political, and artistic environments. Offering undergraduate and graduate programs, we are dedicated to inspiring active learners and engaged citizens who seek to create social and environmental change. At the forefront of cutting edge research, teaching, and learning, the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University encourages students to challenge what is, imagine what could be, and transform the future.

Students interested in pursuing future studies in the environment can contact us at fesinfo@yorku.ca.









The University of Toronto Mississauga, located on protected greenbelt along the Credit River, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017. From its beginnings in 1967, the campus now includes 17 academic departments, 156 programs, and many award-winning facilities and instructors serving 14,000 undergraduates.

The core Environment programs at UTM are:
• Environmental Management
• Environmental Science
• Sustainability (coming, 2019)

The programs, administered by the Department of Geography, draw upon courses and faculty from a wide range of disciplines. Students develop foundational knowledge and problem-solving skills required for today’s job market, in the Environment sector and beyond. Our professors are leaders in online learning, experiential learning, and student research facilitation.








Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a community-based environmental organization, dedicated to protecting, restoring and managing the natural resources of the Credit River Watershed. Established by the provincial government in 1954, CVC is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. As the primary scientific authority for the watershed, CVC works in partnership with municipal governments, schools, businesses and community organizations to deliver locally-based programs. These programs support:
• Water resources
• Land management and acquisition
• Environmental advisory services (Planning)
• Conservation area management
• Stewardship
• Education
• Natural heritage

Credit Valley Conservation offers 3 programs for youth in the Credit River watershed. These programs aim to engage youth in real life, hands-on environmental stewardship learning and volunteer opportunities while making a difference in their community. Students, parents or teachers wanting to learn more about these programs can visit our website at http://www.creditvalleyca.ca/cyc/






Serving the city since 1974, Brampton Transit is one of the fastest growing transit providers in Canada. Moving more than 23 million passengers in 2016, Brampton Transit connects riders to major attractions and destinations in Brampton, as well as public transit systems in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).











Yellow Fish Road and the Stormwater Curriculum

Yellow Fish Road is a popular National program in which various groups, including students, community groups and corporate groups, paint yellow fish beside catch basins to visually reinforce that stormwater drains directly to our watercourses and Lake Ontario. Door hangers are distributed to surrounding residences to explain the purpose of the program and the Outreach Assistants provide some brief background information to participants. Staff have led Yellow Fish Road events for over fifteen years and continue to increase the number of events, participants and informative material involve, with staff conducting 15 Yellow Fish Road events for 426 participants in 2017.
Since many teachers have requested more in-depth lessons on stormwater management without the administrative requirements surrounding Yellow Fish Road (e.g. sufficient volunteers, weather dependent), as part of the enhanced Residential Stormwater Outreach and Education Program, staff have begun offering in-class stormwater curriculum and lessons. Lessons are tailored to the grade and the teacher’s needs, are designed to fit into the curriculum requirements and are presented by an Outreach staff person who is a certified teacher







The regional government is the level of government which is bigger than a town or city municipality, but smaller than the Provincial government. It is like a team of cities or towns which, when grouped together, can provide certain services more efficiently and effectively than municipalities could alone. In Peel these municipalities include Mississauga, Brampton and the town of Caledon. Peel has a population of 1.4 million people.







MiWay is the City of Mississauga’s public transit service. There are many ways students can get involved including, the MiWay Student Ambassador Program, High School Co-op Opportunities, and Post- Secondary Internships. These opportunities are available at 3483 Semenyk Court in Mississauga.

Patricia Runzer
905-615-3200 ext.3178











Sierra Peel is a volunteer group working to empower people to enhance, protect and enjoy our natural environment. We collaborate with local partners on tree planting, hiking, biking, waste reduction, and environmental education & outreach at community events. Students might like to volunteer with weeding and planting at the Heart Lake Medicine Wheel Garden in the spring. All equipment is provided by TRCA. It is located at Heart Lake Conservation Area. Call Rosemary at 647 636 7850