15th Annual EcoBuzz Conference Workshops


Leadership Mosaic Mural – PEYA (Peel Environmental Youth Alliance)

Learn about being a youth leader in the environmental sector with the PEYA Executive team. In this workshop you will learn all about what it takes to be a young sustainability leader in your communities and you will get a chance to participate in the painting of our brand new mosaic mural which will be displayed at future PEYA events.


My Clothes My world – Fashion Takes Action

My Clothes My World offers a behind the curtain perspective of the fashion industry and its’ impacts on the environment and social justice through an interactive  workshop on the life-cycle of the 10$ t-shirt. Discussions on post consumer textiles and options beyond wardrobe expiry.


Action Projects to Change the World: A How-To Guide – Learning for a Sustainable Future

What bugs you? What do you wish you could change about your school or your community? In our workshop we’ll explore all types of sustainability issues and what young people can do about them to make real, positive change and make our world a greener, happier, healthier place! We’ll take you through the 12 Steps of a Successful Action Project and show you how LSF can help (hint: $$$)!

Love My Tap Water! – Region of Peel

Thirsty? Learn about the benefits of choosing tap water and how this action is good for the environment. The session will also provide information and guidance to empowering students to host a tap water challenge “Great Gulp” at their own schools.


The Wonderful World of Wetlands  – Credit Valley Conservation

In this workshop, participants will learn all about wetlands, including the different types of wetlands we have locally, their function and importance to the environment and human society, and why they should be protected and restored. Connections will be made to local ecosystems and case studies of local wetland creation or restoration projects carried out by Credit Valley Conservation will be discussed. There will be several interactive games and activities that get students up and out of their seats. These activities will show in a fun, hands-on manner the benefits that wetlands have to humans and our environment.

How’s the Water? Assessing the Health of Your Local Streams – EcoSpark

Ever wonder how healthy or polluted your local stream is? Find out by asking the small animals and bugs that live under the rocks and in the muck, the benthic invertebrates! In this hands-on workshop, you will learn how to collect, identify and use benthic invertebrates and information about their environment to assess the health of your local waterways. Discover the importance of these critters in our aquatic ecosystems and how you can take action to protect your local streams!

Building Complete Communities – EcoSpark

The Greater Toronto Area is one of the fastest growing regions in North America! In this workshop you will learn about building healthy and sustainable communities to help protect green space and reduce climate change. We will discuss ideas for sustainable development within and around schools, and actions that you can take to help create a more sustainable community. In groups, we will design our own complete communities and share our ideas with others. Join us to learn more about how your community can become a complete community!

Careers in the Environment – Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

With global interest in the environment expanding so rapidly, the market demand for professionals in the environmental sector continues to grow every year. Exploring your interests, skills, and strengths through interactive, hands-on activities, discover the many, diverse career opportunities within the environment and how you can begin to discover your perfect career.

Environmentally Friendly Beauty Products – David Suzuki Secondary School

During this workshop, students will participate in creating environmentally friendly beauty products which include soap, bath bombs, lip scrub and/or lip balms. Students will then be shown how these products can be used as fundraising for initiative projects or fundraising for charity.



Environmental Conference Debate – David Suzuki Secondary School

Students will participate in a video conference with an environmental expert (this will vary per workshop and availability). Students will then participate or observe the Science Debate Team at David Suzuki debate on the topic presented.



.Growing In-House Foods for In-School Programs – David Suzuki Secondary School

Students will be participating in a workshop where they will talking about school gardening projects and how they can be used to sustain various in-school programs. Students will have the opportunity to sample food that was made with some food grown on school grounds.



Aliens Invade ! Invasive Species – City of Brampton

Invasive species are taking over! Find out who has invaded your neighbourhood and discover methods to eradicate the spread. Through an interactive quiz, videos and an invasive species elimination activity, you will understand the importance of or native species.


Hungry for change? Let’s tackle food waste! – Region of Peel

What is food waste? How big is the problem? This workshop will explore how avoidable food waste is a waste of money, resources, and is a source of greenhouse gases. Students will be empowered to spread the message at school and home to make a positive change.