EcoBuzz Conference 2017

Credit Valley Conservation



Title: Uncovering Lost Rivers

Description: Join staff from Credit Valley Conservation to learn about lost rivers right under your feet! Uncover the fascinating world of lost streams and creeks that are hidden underground and learn why ‘daylighting’ them helps improve water quality and habitat for plants and animals!



Green Standards Ltd.

Title: Waste No More

Description: Have you ever bought a brand-new desk? What happened to your old desk? Where do you think it has ended up? Learn about the environmental impact that furniture has on the planet, and what can be done to take a step in the right direction towards a circular economy.




Many Feathers

Title: A Fork in the Road

Description: What exactly does local food mean? Learn about what food is grown in the different seasons in Ontario and year-round and explore the environmental impact of local and non-local food. You will also learn about how to GYOF: Grow Your Own Food.



Enwave Energy

Title: Brrr…It’s Cold in There – Renewable Energy from Lake Ontario

Description: Have you ever paused to admire Toronto’s skyline? Did you know that Lake Ontario’s chilly water is used to cool down some of the buildings in the skyline? You will learn about an example of renewable energy right in our backyard!





York University

Title: Cohabitation in the GTA: How Humans and Animals Can Live Together

Description: Participants will learn about encounters between wild animals and humans in the GTA. We will discuss ways in which modern technology and unique architecture has shaped our encounter with animals. Most importantly, we will explore ways in which we can stay at peace with our wild neighbors.




Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Title: Green Careers

Description: Topics such as climate change and clean energy are becoming more prevalent today’s society. Environmental awareness and concern is increasing and will continue to increase. Through interactive and hands-on activities, you will discover many, diverse career opportunities within the environmental field.




City of Brampton

Title: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Description: The City of Brampton talks about how to make effective use of the rainwater through Low Impact Development (LID) and Stormwater Management. You will learn about some things you and your schools can do to prevent urban runoff of water.




City of Mississauga

Title: A Day in the Life of an Environmental Engineer

Description: Thinking about becoming an engineer? Have you wondered what exactly environmental engineers do? An Environmental Engineer from the City of Mississauga talks about just that! You will learn about environmental engineering projects that the City has completed, is working on and will do in the future.



Walk and Roll Peel

Title: Creating a Cycling Culture

Description: Participants will help shape cycling in Peel by sharing ideas for creating a cycling culture in high schools. Together we’ll explore a variety of tips and tricks for encouraging more students to hop on two wheels.


Town of Caledon

Title: Keep Calm and Save Energy

Description: Town of Caledon presents insights on municipal energy conservation efforts. Learn what you can do in your personal life and at school to Spare a Watt; Save a Lot. They will share with you their experience on the strategies that work, and the ones that don’t work. After this workshop, you will be better prepared to conserve energy, and motive others to so the same as well.


The Aboriginal Sport & Wellness Council of Ontario




Title: Water: It Connects Us All

Description: In this workshop, participants will learn about indigenous perspectives on water and the environment. Students will hear insights on indigenous culture and get a better understanding of the phrase: “everything is connected.”


The Riverwood Conservancy

Title: American Survivors

Description: A look at how three local species survived the great die-out at the end of the last ice age. Not only did these three species survive, they prospered and today have reached near record numbers. This workshop looks at how they coped with natural disasters, changing habitats and the arrival of humans in North America. The American Survivors are the coyote, the black bear and the white-tailed deer.