Time Activity
8:00-9:30am Volunteers sign in and help set up
9:30-9:45am Schools, Presenters, Exhibitors and VIP sign in and sit down, or set up with exhibit table
10:00-10:05am Greetings by PEYA and Keynote Introduction
10:05-10:35am Keynote talk
10:45-11:55am Workshop 1, question & answers, and evaluation
12:00-12:30pm Lunch 1/Exhibitor display visit 1/EcoBuzz contest 1
12:35-1:05pm Lunch 2/Exhibitor display visit 2/EcoBuzz contest 2
1:10-1:40pm Lunch 3/Exhibitor display visit 3/EcoBuzz contest 3
1:45-2:55pm Workshop 2, question & answers, and evaluation
3:00-4:10pm Workshop 3, question & answers, and evaluation
4:15-4:35pm Closing with PEYA Exec, giving out thanks to workshop leaders and 4 top prizes to students
4:40pm School Departure