Get Involved!

Are you working to save the environment in your school or community?
Do you want to connect with other youth who care for the environment as much as you do?
We want you to join our ever-growing network of youth aged 13 to 24 from across Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon!

What PEYA can do for you:
PEYA wants to help you and your environmental club, really, really badly.
PEYA loves connecting schools across the Region, networks matter!
We want to give you skills to become environmental leaders in your community.
You can earn volunteer hours too!

Here’s how YOU can get involved:
STEP 1 – Get in contact with us. Email us at The best way to get active is to attend a monthly meeting, all of the details are listed on the Events Page!
STEP 2 – Sign up for our monthly E-newsletter which will update you on all our coming events, and exciting environmental opportunities!
STEP 3 – Use the PEYA network and resources page to help you with environmental actions in your school or community!
STEP 4 – Declare your self an eco-hero, and look back at everything you’ve accomplished with us – then keep going!

How can YOU work with PEYA?

  • Are you interested in website work?
  • Do you like conducting interviews or writing articles?
  • Do you consider yourself a great photographer?
  • Are you good at promoting a group like us?
  • Email us and tell us what you would like to do for us…
  • We will help make it happen!

Fill out our Media Release form and make your PEYA experience a breeze! This form is only required once per school year – remind your friends and be sure to bring it signed!