Secondary School Waste Reduction Workshops

Secondary School Waste Reduction Workshops

Hands-on and curriculum linked lessons based on local and contemporary waste issues.

The Region of Peel’s Waste Reduction Workshops, delivered by Ecosource, engage students in contemporary waste issues and foster critical thinking through hands-on learning. These curriculum-linked workshops are offered by Ecosource to individual classes within Mississauga.  The program, led by qualified and knowledgeable Ecosource educators, aims to inspire change in waste reduction practices and study in each classroom by creating awareness amongst students, teachers and administrators.



•         Minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 workshops per day for secondary schools

•         Maximum of 30 students per workshop

•         Follow-up lesson plans are provided to reinforce the concepts covered in each workshop

•         Ecosource delivers these workshops to Mississauga secondary schools

•         Programs are inclusive of different learning styles and can be further accommodated based on student needs

•         Workshops can be interchanged divisionally to accommodate timely unit planning and to develop classroom learning connections to workshop content.


GRADE 9 – TOWARDS ZERO WASTE: CREATING SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES: Explore and evaluate strategies that reduce and divert waste. Uncover the mystery of how items are recycled, and reflect on personal waste practices that increase the sustainability of natural resource use. 70 Minutes | Curriculum Link: Geography


GRADE 10 – ACT FOR CHANGE: CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY, AND FOOD WASTE: Bite into the topic of food waste and examine food systems to trace the life cycle of your lunch from field to fork. Learn about contemporary waste issues from multi-stakeholder perspectives and explore the role of industry and consumer choices towards positive environmental change. 70 Minutes | Curriculum Links: Civics & Citizenship | Earth & Space Science | Food & Nutrition


GRADE 11 – THE BUZZ ON E-WASTE: TECHNOLOGY, WASTE, AND THE ENVIRONMENT: Take a trip around the world to explore the life of your most loved electronics, investigating environmental impacts along the journey. Understand the role of consumerism in e-waste production, examine local solutions, and discover how to take action to reduce e-waste.  70 Minutes | Curriculum Links: Canadian & World Studies | Science | Technological Education


GRADE 12 – CLOSING THE LOOP: MATERIALS ECONOMY AND SUSTAINABLE THINKING: Reconsider linear economic systems and investigate product designs with a people, planet, and profit approach. Learn about the resources behind everyday products, their environmental impacts, and how local and global stakeholders can transform sustainability by moving towards a circular economy. 70 Minutes | Curriculum Links: International Business Fundamentals | Canadian & World Studies | Technological Education


Get thinking critically about waste reduction and diversion!

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