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Executive Council : Peel Environmental Youth Alliance

Executive Council

2020- 2021 Executive Team!


Dasnoor Saini – Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School

Dasnoor is currently a Grade 11 student attending Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School as part of the IB programme. This is her second year with PEYA, and she’s excited to expand its youth audience even more via social media. She has been a TRCA volunteer for the past two years and has assisted with community-wide clean-ups and tree plantings. In her free time, she loves to read, bake, walk her dog, and teach kids karate. She’s looking forward to working with her fellow executives to communicate the importance of changing our current behaviours to preserve our environment.


Druthi Padamati – Glenforest Secondary School

Druthi is a grade 12 student attending the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. This is her first year as a member of the PEYA Executive team. She is extremely excited to work alongside her team members to raise awareness for environmental causes and conduct enjoyable events that involve the entire community. Druthi is a very active person and enjoys all types of sports. She also loves to dance and run in her free time. Druthi is a passionate individual and can’t wait to make a positive difference as a part of the PEYA team!


Muhammad Murtaza – John Fraser Secondary School

Muhammad is currently a grade 10 AP student at John Fraser Secondary School. This is his first year as a PEYA executive, and he is excited to work with like-minded people. He is an energetic and hard-working individual passionate about environmental advocacy. He also loves giving back to the community by working with and volunteering for nonprofits. Muhammad is a very active person who loves the outdoors and spending time swimming or playing volleyball. He loves reading and watching sports in his free time, even though his favourite teams are consistently horrible. Muhammad is grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait to share his ideas and grow with the executive council.


Nandini Menon – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Nandini is currently a 12th-grade student at Stephen Lewis Secondary, and this is her second year as part of the program. As a part of PEYA, she hopes to continue to help engage youth in Peel in environmental activism and the discussion about global warming. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and playing board games. She’s excited to help make this year of PEYA the best one yet!


Ramneek Sunner – Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School

Ramneek is one of the Social Media Executives for PEYA this year! She is currently a Grade 11 IB student at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School. Ramneek hopes to educate herself and others about ongoing environmental issues and how to combat them. She is passionate about sustainable living, youth activism and hopes to connect youth through different social platforms to spread awareness. Ramneek enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and baking with her family! This is her first year with PEYA, and Ramneek is excited to work with others to create a change in the community!


Shailly Prajapati – Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School

Shailly is currently a grade 12 student pursuing the IB program at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School. This will be her third year as a part of PEYA. She enjoys spending her time outdoors, hiking, biking, dancing and volunteering around her community. She is also the Vice-President of her school’s eco-team. She has had the opportunity to delegate to Brampton’s City Council twice, both times suggesting ways to improve our ecological footprints. She is very passionate about conserving the environment and is excited to see what PEYA can do this year!


Simran Kupchand – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

Simran is a grade 11 student at Stephen Lewis Secondary School. She is new to PEYA but is excited to be involved in this council. She likes playing sports such as volleyball and lacrosse and loves going on walks. She is involved in her school’s green revolution council and is very eager to learn about the environment. She is very excited to learn about sustainable ways of living during her time in PEYA this year.


Tanishq Voruganti – St. Marcellinus Secondary School

Tanishq is a grade 12 student attending St. Marcellinus Secondary School. As of now, this is his second year as being a part of PEYA. Tanishq enjoys going for long walks and playing badminton during his spare time. By being a part of PEYA, he eagerly looks forward to working with the community and spreading awareness on global environmental issues. He has been an active member and executive of his school’s eco-club by communicating plastic reduction ideas within the neighbourhood. Tanishq enjoys studying the sciences and, in the future, looks to tackle the colossal issue of garbage waste.


Tavneet Walia – Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School

Tavneet is an ambitious grade 11 student currently enrolled in the IB program at Harold M. Brathwaite Secondary School. This is her first year as a PEYA executive. She is excited to work with the other executives to increase PEYA’s outreach in the community with the champions program, hold new and exciting events this year and spread environmental awareness. Tavneet is also an active member of her school’s eco team, Human Impact, where she is the Director of External Relations. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, walking around her neighbourhood and volunteering. She is excited to work with passionate individuals to make Peel more environmentally friendly and aware.


Veselja Treacy – St. Paul Secondary School

Veselja is a grade 9 student in the IB program at St. Paul Secondary School. This will be her first year with PEYA, and she is excited to be on the fundraising team! Veselja enjoys going for walks, photography, reading, biking, building things from recycled materials, running, volleyball, and passionate about climate change. Veselja was an active member of her school’s eco team, helping them organize events, including planting pollinator gardens, recycling used textiles, re-selling used books, working towards having the school an idle-free zone, and many other projects for 8 years. She can’t wait to help her community become more aware of global environmental issues, including climate change and help people become more eco-friendly. Veselja is delighted to have this opportunity and is eager to work on projects with the executive council.