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Keynote Speaker : Peel Environmental Youth Alliance

Keynote Speaker

17th Annual EcoBuzz Keynote Speaker

Ayush Chopra

Since age 13, Ayush Chopra has been a young advocate for the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Now a Grade 12 student at Rick Hansen Senior Secondary School in Mississauga, Ayush is the Founder of ‘SDGs For Children’ a unique platform for children across the globe to connect, create and collaborate for a better and sustainable world.

When he was 15, Ayush was the Indian Youth Ambassador at the 14th Annual International Human Rights Summit at New York City’s UN Headquarters in 2017. His speech on Human Rights at the UN received a standing ovation from the distinguished gathering.

Ayush is the author of the book “Shaping A Fairer World with SDGs and Human Rights”, a culmination of his experiences, initiatives and intense involvement in social transformation, which is used as a reference guide for teaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in classrooms around the world.

He also has his own podcast, ‘Shaping A Fairer World’, which aims to connect educators, students and parents with one another as well as share their voices and unheard stories from across the globe.

Last year, Ayush was the recipient of The Diana Award for his work in inspiring individuals to become active citizens, helping to create long-lasting change on a global scale.  He has also been acknowledged as one of the Most Influential Young Change Makers around the world.

Ayush believes that “Nothing can stand in the way of the power of voices calling for CHANGE.”





Past EcoBuzz Keynote Speakers

David Suzuki

David Suzuki, Co-founder of the David Suzuki Foundation, is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster. As a geneticist, Dr. Suzuki was a Professor at the University of British Columbia 1963-2011. He has won numerous academic awards and holds 25 honorary degrees in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. He was elected to the Royal Society of Canada, and is a Companion of the Order of Canada. He has authored over 50 books during his career.

A long time climate change activist, Dr. Suzuki is a prominent spokesperson in the fight against global warming. His dedication to protecting our natural environment and commitment to spreading a message of sustainability and conservation is an inspiration to students and others alike to be the change they want to see in the world !


Corrigan Hammond

Corrigan is the Ontario Organizer for the David Suzuki Foundation’s Blue Dot movement. He supports a growing movement of Canadians from all walks of life who are coming together to empower all levels of government to recognize and protect our right to a healthy environment.  No one in Ontario should ever suffer from preventable environmental impacts.



Derek Forgie

Derek is a DJ, comic emcee host, keynote speaker and actor. His passion for shining light on environmental issues is a life-long one. Derek is an important and effective Eco-Ally.



Emily Hunter

Emily is a second-generation environmental activist, daughter of Greenpeace co-founder, Robert Hunter. Over the past eight years she has campaigned on global environment issues while attempting to ignite youth in a new kind of eco-revolution. She uses media as her tools for change. She is an author of the book “The Next Ecowarriors” .



Steven Lee

Steve Lee is a climate change activist, a policy advocate to the United Nations, and a global speaker. He is the Executive Director of FES (Foundation for Environmental Stewardship) and its 3% Project, which mobilizes 1,000,000 Canadian youth – that’s 3% of Canada – through 5 national tours across 600 schools. It provides youth-friendly and holistic education on climate change and empowers them to take action on solving climate change in their local communities today.