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Project Ideas : Peel Environmental Youth Alliance

Project Ideas

Project Ideas for Your Environmental Club

Remember, if you accomplish something noteworthy, don’t forget to tell us here at PEYA! Your project can be featured on our website, and in our monthly newsletter!

  • Starting a Composting System – A great project for environment clubs anywhere, this can significantly reduce the garbage sent to landfills and enrich local soils.
  • Themed Days At School – Pack for a Zero Waste Lunch Day; Walk, Bicycle or Carpool to school day; etc. This is something you can really get creative with!
  • Yard Cleanups – Get other student clubs like the Student Council, Athletic Clubs, School Bands, etc. to help you in a school yard cleanup! There are many larger events you can support and get resources from, like the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup!
  • Plant Trees/Shrubs/Flowers – Help beautify your school by adding some more nature to it! Contact local nurseries and garden centers to see if they can donate or offer discounted flowers and trees. Try to plant native species of plants, as they are well adapted and require less watering and maintenance.
  • Clothing/Food Drive – A really good event that can gather much needed food and clothing for those who need it in your community. It also diverts clothing from landfills.
  • Contests – Hold a contest to educate students on an environmental issue that is important to your group. You can contact local organizations to donate prizes that relate to the issue.
  • Waste Audits – Hold a waste audit to show the students of your school how much of their waste could have been diverted from landfill. You can also have classes help sort through the garbage.
  • Energy Projects – Some schools have been able to install solar panels or windmills. Talk to your principal to see if this is possible at your school.
  • Green Roofs – Green Roofs are a possibility if your school has a flat roof. Talk to your principal about the idea of installing one.
  • Informational Assembly – Contact an inspirational speaker, and educate students in your school on an environmental issue and actions they can take. You could also showcase a video, or put on a demonstration on how students can reduce their environmental impact.
  • Paint a Mural – With your school’s art department or club, paint a mural with an environmental message that is important to your group. Not only is this a visual reminder to the student body, but it also brings blank walls to life!
  • Daily EcoTips – Periodically share “enviro-facts” on your P.A. System. Consider using social media to keep students up to date with green news and events wherever they are (a bulletin board at school helps too!).
  • Presentations to Local Schools – Travel to your local feeder and elementary schools and educate them on how even they can save the environment, PEYA can help you get ready too! To get more detailed training, check out Ecomentors, they have a great program for this!