Stewardship Day

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be rescheduling Stewardship Day until such a time that in-person activities have been deemed safe by public health authorities. Stay tuned for more information or follow us on social media for updates.
What is Stewardship Day?

PEYA’s Annual Region-Wide Stewardship Day gives students the opportunity to get active outdoors and improve local habitat by planting native trees, cleaning up litter, removing invasive species and much more! These activities are complemented by informative workshops and activities that foster a long-term appreciation of the environment in students.

Why participate?

Learn about the history and ecological significance of various conservation sites across Peel
Learn how to identify invasive and native plant species
Connect with fellow schools and local environmental organizations
Improve local habitat
Healthy snacks provided
What you can expect

The day is an opportunity for students to reconnect with nature, become aware of their local parks and conservation areas, and learn about new ways they can work with PEYA and our partners through volunteering and community events. For many students, PEYA’s Stewardship Day is a unique opportunity to connect with fellow schools as well as local environmental organizations – students often leave with new contacts and friendships!

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