Summer Opportunities at the Gardens!

Building on this year’s Urban Agriculture theme there are a number of opportunities where you can volunteer at the Ecosource community gardens and Urban Agriculture Site!

  • Are you interested in volunteering to help grow organic food for a food bank in your community?
  • Would you like to learn more about sustainable urban food production?
  • Do you want to share the joy of food growing with friends, your children or family members?
  • Do you have food gardening knowledge, expertise and skills to share?

These are just some of the many benefits and opportunities offered by volunteering at an Ecosource community garden! Volunteers are welcome to attend one or multiple sessions and can register by checking our online events calendar for upcoming event dates.  You can also join our volunteer group email list – please email if you are interested in joining. Volunteering at a garden event offers a great opportunity to learn about different cultivation techniques, vegetable varieties, cover crops and soil building strategies as well as to meet new friends and neighbours!